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Application Process

Understand the Application Requirements

It is very important that you read the entire job posting and pay special attention to minimum job requirements, required knowledge, skills and abilities, license requirements, and supplemental questionnaire. Also, you must ensure that required documents stated in the posting are submitted during the time of your application. Failure to meet any of the requirements may result in rejection of your application.

Apply Online

Applications for employment are ONLY accepted for open positions. To submit an employment application, go to ‘Current Job Openings’ page, search for a position that interests you, and click to apply.

Paper applications are not accepted and a resume is not accepted in lieu of an online application. Although a resume may be requested for some positions to further describe your qualifications, the District requires a completed online application for all positions. An incomplete application may result in disqualification of application. Thus, be sure to list your complete work record, beginning with your current employer or most recent experience, and describe duties as completely as possible. Include volunteer work and military service, and explain gaps between employment periods.

Your online application will first be reviewed to ensure that your work experience and educational background meet the minimum requirements for the position.

Complete application packets must be submitted online on the last day for filing, unless otherwise noted in the job posting.

Read the FAQs: Click on this link for Frequently Asked Questions, Tips and Facts.

Applicant Notifications

Notices related to online applications submitted for a District job opening will be sent via email. Please ensure the email address you provide on your application is correct, and add ‘’ as an accepted address to any email blocking or spam-filtering program you may use. This will ensure receipt of notification from the District regarding your job application.

The District is not responsible for notices that are not read, received, or accessed by any applicant for any District recruitment.

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