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Board Policies

Master Ordinance

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District's (District) Master Ordinance is the repository of actions taken by the Board of Directors (Board) to set policies for the District. An ordinance is simply a rule made by an authority such as the District.

The Master Ordinance includes actions taken by the Board that (1) establish tolls, service charges and transit fares; and, (2) prescribe rules and regulations governing use of the Golden Gate Bridge, its approaches and its facilities, as well as the Golden Gate Ferry and Golden Gate Transit facilities.

The Board, at its meeting of January 26, 2001, approved a new annual numbering and recodification system for District Ordinances (Resolution No. 2001-015), so as to make the District Master Ordinance a more useful resource to members of the Board, staff, and the public, and to more efficiently administer the ordinance system. With this system, each individual ordinance adopted during the calendar year will be incorporated into a newly adopted Master Ordinance on a periodic basis, preferably by February of each year. Each new Master Ordinance will include an appendix that indexes the individual ordinances adopted throughout the calendar year(s) preceding the last Master Ordinance.

The Board, at its meeting of February 24, 2017, adopted a new Master Ordinance, including Appendix B, which lists the individual Ordinances adopted by the Board from October 9, 2015, to December 31, 2016.

Board Resolutions

A Board Resolution is a formal document resulting from a vote or a decision made by the Board of Directors at a Board meeting. 

  • Resolutions and Ordinances are included as part of Board meeting minutes. See our Meeting Documents page. 

Rules of the Board

The Rules of the Board are designed solely to facilitate the handling by the Board of Directors of its own affairs. The rules are not intended, and shall not be construed, to create procedural or substantive rights in any person who is not a member of the Board in the event an action is taken by the Board in a manner which may depart from, or be inconsistent with, said rules.

Conflict of Interest Code

The Political Reform Act (Government Code Section 81000, et seq.) requires state and local government agencies to adopt and promulgate conflict-of-interest codes. The Fair Political Practices Commission has adopted a regulation (2 California Code of Regulations Section 18730) that contains the terms of a standard conflict-of-interest code, which can be incorporated by reference in an agency’s code. After public notice and hearing, the standard code may be amended by the Fair Political Practices Commission to conform to amendments in the Political Reform Act. Therefore, the terms of 2 California Code of Regulations Section 18730 and any amendments to it duly adopted by the Fair Political Practices Commission are hereby incorporated by reference. This regulation and the attached Appendices, designating positions and establishing disclosure categories, shall constitute the conflict-of-interest code of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District).

Form 804

  • Form 804 - Agency Report of: New Positions

Form 806

  • Form 806 - Agency Report of: Public Official Appointments
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