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Bringing Your Bike

Riding your bicycle to Golden Gate Transit is a fun and healthy way to commute. All Golden Gate Transit 40- and 60-foot buses are equipped with exterior three-position bike racks at the front of the bus and our 45-foot buses (numbered in the 900s) are equipped with underbelly bike racks that fit up to two bikes. Electric and gas-powered bicycles and electric and gas-powered scooters are NOT accepted on Golden Gate Transit buses. 

The following are tips when bringing your bike on Golden Gate Transit. 

  • Make eye contact with driver when using bike racks.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike.
  • Cyclists share the same rights and are subject to the same responsibilities as other vehicle operators.
  • Ride on designated bike routes where possible.
  • Be visible! Wear highly visible clothing during the day and a reflective vest or clothing at night. Always ride with a light on your bike at night. Be careful to avoid blind spots of buses, trucks and other vehicles.
  • Always stay out of the dangerous "door zone" by riding at least 3 feet from parked cars on the street.

For more bike tips, contact the Marin County Bicycle Coalition at 415-456-3469 or or the San Francisco Bike Coalition at 415-431-2453 or

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